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Another Alumnus Publishes Paper (6/28/2018)

Justina Yang, a student of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, published a paper: "A comparison of two algorithms for the simulation of bending-active structures," Pierre Cuvilliers, Justina R. Yang, Lancelot Coar, and Caitlin Mueller, International Journal of Space Structures (June 12, 2018). Ms. Yang was supervised by Prof. Caitlin Mueller. The paper is on research in architecture and engineering, involving bending-active structures, digital design methods, dynamic relaxation, explicit dynamics, numerical experiments, and position-based methods.

Alumnus Mathematics Paper Published (3/18/2017)

Joyce Yang, a graduate of Harvey Mudd College, published a paper in the Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society Series B on February 24, 2017. Ms. Yang was supervised by Prof. Nicholas Pippenger. The paper, On the Enumeration of Interval Graphs, is on research in combinatorics, a branch of discrete mathematics.

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Yang Academy is a private day school with unique opportunities for students in mathematics and science. It offers a comprehensive academic program and promotes creativity, efficiency, originality, and positive contributions to society.

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Student/Alumnus Projects

Two-Dimensional Lennard-Jones Clusters

Structure and Binding of Two-Dimensional Lennard-Jones Clusters

The Riemann Hypothesis: Probability, Physics, and Primes

On the Enumeration of Interval Graphs

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